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Price Tagging is a law that has been enforced since 1977 with 111 selected items. This legislation, formerly known as the Price Control Order (Indication of Price by Retailer) 1977, was replaced by the Price Control Order (Indication of Price by Retailer) 1993 and covers all types of goods sold in retail.

All vendors selling goods in retail are considered retailers. Retailers comprise traders of sundry shops, wet markets, farmers’ markets, night markets, hypermarkets, mini markets, kiosks, sports shops, goldsmith stores, and clothing and accessories boutiques including all forms of retailing business to end-users.

  1. Must place a price tag on each item or sample of the items displayed for sale
  2. Must mark each item with a price tag indicating the cash price of each unit, unit of weight or measurement of each the goods;
  3. In the event that the type or size of the goods cannot be appropriately  marked on the item due to type or size, retailers may use a price list to give the description of the goods and prices clearly;
  4. The description and price shall be indicated in Bahasa Malaysia and shall be translated if the retailer does not understand Bahasa Malaysia.
  5. The size and color of the price tag shall be clearly visible to the user;
  6. Prices shall be stated in Ringgit Malaysia (RM);
  7. The customer shall have access to the price of goods at all times

If it is found that a trader does not comply with the law in respect of this scheme, the consumer may channel complaints to the Ministry through:

  1. Line 03-8000 8000 1Malaysia One Call Centre (1MOCC)
  2. Toll free line of Information and Strategic Operations Movement Center (PIGOS)   1-800-886-800
  3. Smartphone App Ez ADU
  4. e-mail to e-aduan[at]
  5. SMS to 15888 and type “detail of complaint”
  6. Report/present to any KPDN office nationwide.

Failure to place a price tag or price list of items for sale

Offenses under Price Control Order (Price Indication by Retailer) 1993

For Non Corporate Bodies (Individuals)

  1. Maximum Fines – RM50,000 or 2 years jail or both
  2. Maximum Compound – RM 25,000

For Corporate Organizations (Company)

  1. Maximum Fines – RM100,000
  2. Maximum Compound – RM 50,000