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1. What is the process for SMEs registration with the Ministry of Domestic Trade & Cost Of Living (KPDN)?

The SMEs registration can be made online through this portal The application must be attached with profile and a copy of SSM’s certificate and other relevant certificates such as MESTI/GMP/HACCP/Made in Malaysia (if applicable), and the application must be attached with pictures of each Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) of the company’s products.

2. How long is the registration process?

A visit to the factory/company will be done in the period of (two) 2 weeks (subject to the availability of the officers of both parties – the ministry and the registered company) and the registration slip will be given after seven (7) days of the visit provided that the company fulfilled the criteria of local SMEs.

3. Will there be any charge for registration?

There is no charge for SMEs registration

4. What is the definition of SMEs for registration with KPDN?

SMEs definition used in KPDN is as following:

5. What are the benefits received from this registration?

The registered SMEs will be prioritised to join promotional programme organised by KPDN such as the Taste of Malaysia program (PCM), the Food Sampling programme, the Business Ownership programme, Products Promotion through Spacedeals website and participation in KPDN Pavilion in entrepreneurship carnivals.

Any further inquiries regarding registration as a KPDN SMEs can be submitted to:


Business Development Division, Level 5 (Tower),
Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost Of Living (KPDN)
No. 13, Presint 2, Federal Government Administrative Center,
62623 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-8882 6324/6971/6487
Fax: 03-8882 5826