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1. What are the expressions used in referring to notice of sale?

The expressions which indicate cheaper price of goods as to be compared to its previous price include the usage of wording such as:

  1. Sale
  2. Discount
  3. Reduction
  4. Best Buy
  5. Best Price
  6. Special Price
  7. Price Crush
  8. Every Day Cheaper Price
  9. Half Price Offer

2. How many times can a cheap sale be held in 2018?

The Controller of Trade Descriptions authorizes traders to hold cheap sales 4 times, namely:

  1. 3 times based on the date set by the Controller of Trade Descriptions, and
  2. 1 time based on the trader’s preferred date.

3. What are the dates set by the Controller for 2018?

The cheap sale dates established by the Controller of Trade Descriptions for 2018 are:

  1. Early Year Sale – 1 February 2018 till 15 March 2018
  2. 1 Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival – 15 May 2018 till 31 July 2018
  3. J1 Malaysia Year End Sale – 1 November 2018 till 31 December 2018
  4. One (1) selected date by trader (Other than the Controller’s date)

4. What are the requirements to hold a cheap sale?

 The requirements to hold a cheap sale :-

  1. Items sold at “low selling price” should be at least 50% from the total of items displayed in the same premise.
  2. The minimum percentage for the reduction in the price of the goods supplied should not be less than 10% of the price of the goods supplied.
  3. Cheap sale notices must be displayed in an accessible place. While details of the goods and prices can be displayed on any electronic display screen / stored in a folder / file or placed in a viewable and accessible position to consumers.
  4. If a trader is conducting a sale in more than one place of business, a copy of the sale notice must be displayed at each premise. Details of goods and prices displayed are shown in paragraph 3.
  5. Traders must maintain a complete record of the prices of goods for the first 6 months offered at the same premises.
  6. Traders should showcase each item the "pre-sale price" and "cheap sale price". “Pre-sale price” is the lowest price (not the cheap sale price) sold for 28 continuous days at the same premises within the 3 months prior to the commencement of the cheap sale (excluding the low price during the sale).
  7. Registration numbers and cheap sale dates as well as the KPDN logo should be included in any form of advertising.
  8. The KPDN logo is in the National Language and can be translated into any other language phrases. It should be hand-written or printed with a letter height of not less than 5 mm.
  9. Traders should maintain a reasonable stock of goods for the cheap sale event.
  10. Every cheap sale held must not exceed 30 days except for the Controller’s date.

5. How to apply for a notice to hold a cheap sale?

The procedures for applying for a cheap sale notice are :

  1. Application for Cheap Sales Notice must be made online through the Cheap Sales Notice System at
  2. Traders will need to obtain a password to use the Cheap Sales Notice System application.
  3. Application for Cheap Sales Notice can be sent to any of the State / District KPDN branches online.
  4. Certified cheap sale notices must be printed by the trader and displayed at every premise holding the cheap sale.

6. What are the circumstances that are not considered cheap sales?

This rule does not apply if price reduction

  1. does not show any comparison with any other price;
  2. comply with any specific terms relating to the purchase of such goods, such as :
    1. Purchase with purchase discount
    2. Coupons, discount vouchers
    3. Member cards
  3. made orally at the premise where the sale was made
  4. involves perishable goods

7. How do I apply for a cheap sale notice?

 Application for cheap sale notice is accepted online via url : njm[at]

8. How many days does it take for a cheap sale notice application to be approved?

The cheap sale notice application is processed within 3 days.

9. How do I register a company in the Cheap Sales Notice System?

Request to refer to the User’s Guide.

10. What if a business error has expired the business registration date in the Cheap Sales Notice System?

If this occurs, please request a copy of your updated business registration via email at njm[at] for updates.

11. What if I forgot my User ID and password?

Applicants can contact the officer at the Trade Description Unit at 03-8882 6521/6522/6667/6807 or directly email to njm[at]

12. If the application is approved, can it be changed?

Changes can be made 7 days prior to the cheap sale period.

13. What are the changes that can be made?

Changes that can be made are only regarding cheap sale dates, list of item and premises.

14. How do I add on to the list of premises or list of items?

7 days prior to the sale date.

15. What phrases or words are considered as ‘cheap sales’?

Words that are considered as cheap sales in legal terms are ‘sale’, ‘discount’, ‘reduction’, ‘best buy’, ‘best price’, ‘special price’, ‘price crush’, ‘cheaper price everyday’ and ‘offer half price’. In addition, any expression that describes a cheap sale is also considered cheap sale. If there exists a comparison between two prices, this too is considered as a cheap sale.