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1. What is meant by Menu Rahmah Programme?

Menu Rahmah Programme is a new program or initiative of KPDN together with strategic partners consisting of Food Shop Operators (Cooking) and the Association of Restaurant and Food Stall Operators in the government's efforts to help and reduce the cost of living, especially the Hardly Poor among the B40. Food shop and restaurant operators who participate in the Menu Rahmah Programme have agreed to provide daily meals (either lunch or dinner) at a rate not exceeding RM5 per meal. Usually, the dishes in the Menu Rahmah Programme contain one source of protein either chicken or fish and one type of vegetable.

2. Will the Menu Rahmah Programme also be expanded throughout the country?

YES, KPDN plans to implement the Menu Rahmah Programme throughout the country in stages depending on the response from restaurant operators and eateries.

3. When will Menu Rahmah Programme be extended to all states in Malaysia?

We will start in stages starting with the launch on 31st January 2023. For other states the date depends on the results of dealings with restaurant operators and related state restaurant associations which will be held as soon as possible.

4. What is the target for the involvement of restaurant premises and eateries that will be involved under this Menu Rahmah Programme?

Depending on the reception and support of restaurant operators and restaurant associations that will participate. Menu Rahmah Programme is a 'private driven initiative' with the support of KPDN. No target amount is set.

So far, negotiations have been held between representatives of restaurant associations including the Malaysian Muslim Restaurant Owners Association (PRESMA), the Malaysian Indian Restaurant Owners Association (PRIMAS), the Malaysian Tomyam Restaurant Owners Association, Malaysia Singapore Coffee Shop Proprietors General Association (MCSPGA), Bumiputra Retailers Organization (BRO), Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA), and Malaysia Retailers Association (MRA).

KPDN invites and encourages more food shop operators to join this Menu RAHMAH initiative as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to help people in need to enjoy complete meals at affordable prices.

5. What if there are restaurant operators and eateries want to participate in Menu Rahmah Programme and offer the Menu Rahmah in their meal list?

KPDN welcomes the participation of restaurant operators and eateries wherever they are because these Menu Rahmah Programme’s are 'private driven initiatives’, or initiatives driven by the private sector.

Entrepreneurs who wish to participate in this Menu Rahmah Programme are encouraged to notify KPDN as follows:

  1. Inform the respective State KPDN Director. This is for KPDN to help in promoting and sharing ideas (tips, tricks, shortcuts) for the implementation of Menu Rahmah Programme
  2. The entrepreneur determines the menus to be included in the Menu Rahmah Programme list
  3. The entrepreneur determines the time of the Menu Rahmah Programme offer including the implementation period, the time of the offer (lunch or dinner or both) and the price of each menu
  4. Entrepreneurs determine the quantity of meals to be offered for a certain time
  5. Employers make MARKERS to notify the existence of Menu Rahmah Programme on the owner's premises
  6. The State KPDN Director will discuss to determine the date and time for the launch of Menu Rahmah Programme at the premises.
  7. The list of restaurants and eateries participating in Menu Rahmah Programme will be included in the database to be accessed and publicized.