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• First launched in this country in 1984 under the name Buy Malaysian Made Goods Campaign. • The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) relaunched this program in 2009 and rebranded it as the Buy Malaysian Goods Campaign (KBBM) to boost domestic spending following the global financial crisis.

• The relaunch aims to strengthen domestic spending by encouraging consumers in the country to buy Malaysian-made goods.

• KBBM is also an initiative that will help local entrepreneurs in marketing their products and services and play an important role in the development of the country's economy. • KBBM needs to be implemented comprehensively because the challenges of business globalization and the 'country of origin effect' contribute a lot to the selection and purchase of imported goods.

• The Government's steps to strengthen and implement the KBBM are coincidental and very significant to balance the challenges and pressures of the current economic globalization, particularly to boost and stimulate the growth of the domestic economy through increasing the purchase and use of local products or services (domestic consumption).


• 1984 – First introduced (Buy Malaysian Made Goods Campaign)
• 1988 – The intensity of the Campaign is reduced due to funding constraints
• 2009 – The campaign was reactivated through a series of sales expos and an awareness campaign using the KBBM name
• 2014 – KBBM Effectiveness Study implemented
• 2015 – Implemented in an integrated manner due to allocation constraints
• 2021 – KBBM Effectiveness Impact Study
• 2022 – The implementation of KBBM continues taking into account the results of the Impact Study The effectiveness of KBBM


  • Stimulating the Economy - Stimulating domestic economic growth by increasing the purchase of local goods while helping to increase job opportunities for the people;
  • Spirit of Patriotism – Encouraging the people to prioritize local goods while increasing the spirit of patriotism among Malaysians;
  • Awareness - Increasing community awareness about the quality of Malaysian products/goods that are also on par with imported goods;
  • Marketing Local Products - Helping local entrepreneurs in marketing and exhibiting their products to Malaysians as well as attracting public interest in local products.


Empowerment of Local Products in the Retail Industry

• Increase the promotion and sales of local products by expanding cooperation with strategic partners in the retail industry such as large supermarket chains, supermarkets, convenience stores and gas station convenience stores.

Sales Promotion And Online Marketing Penetration

• Utilizing the advantages of the digital ecosystem and e-commerce infrastructure in line with new lifestyle changes by implementing various campaign initiatives, promotions, sales discounts of local products continuously through the online portal platform in the main marketplace in Malaysia.

Local Product Development

• Existing product packaging will be given a new lease of life through the rebranding of the logo, tagline and packaging according to the latest market trends through the cooperation of implementing agencies and engagement between KPDN and companies registered under this Ministry.

Malaysian Goods Carnival

• A large-scale carnival involving sales, exhibition and business matching components to introduce, promote and expand local products.

Themed Sales Based on Specific Segments

• Sales that follow selected themes by giving space to local industries that are less exposed through KBBM to be highlighted as local products.

• Collaboration with the Malaysian Bumiputra Designers Association (MBDA) for the Fashion segment and the Malaysian Handicrafts Development Corporation for the Handicrafts Segment.

Campaigns, Promotions and Advertising

• KBBM Media Plan - Holistic Campaign and Promotion to increase visibility and foster love for local products.

• Special Collaboration - Special collaboration with Les' Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd. for the production of KBBM Upin and Ipin promotional videos.